About CATS Home Inspection School

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, CATS will be conducting evening webinars by each of our instructors at the normal class time and date. After you register we will send you a link that you will be able to use to attend the webinar, within a few days of your registration the class text book will be UPS’d to you. The entire program will be provided to you via a live webinar that will be streamed at 6:00 PM on two nights each week.

This includes all continuing education offerings by CATS home inspection school.

About CATS Home Inspection School NYNew York State's new requirements for licensure for home inspectors prompted us to form CATS or Certified Adult Training School in 2007. The original plan for the program design was based on other existing home inspection schools. That format was daytime classes over a three or four week session culminating with all the practice inspections. The material was condensed into this brief session and all the hours of practice inspections were performed at the end.

There were numerous unhappy students and graduates. The students did not care for the inconvenient hours, and often felt overwhelmed by the intense volume of material they were asked to learn in such a brief time. The graduates felt wholly unprepared for the realities of the job as a small business owner and self marketer. The lump of practice inspections did little to explain the questions that invariably come up during each new inspection. The confidence and professionalism needed to present themselves as a desirable commodity was lacking in our graduates.

Awkward 'first timer' mistakes will doom a new business that so depends on client and realtor confidence. Graduates that are not successful will doom any school that produced them.

Home Inspection School NYTo address these issues we set up a new system of training our inspectors. We began holding evening classes to allow our students to work while training. The brief three or four week program was expanded to a more manageable four months and the practice inspections were incorporated to go along with the classroom learning so that new inspectors would be able to practice what they are learning as they learn it.

The confidence of our graduates increased and more polished more professional and, most importantly, more successful home inspectors was the result.

Our only goal at C.A.T.S. is to train and produce successful home inspectors, because your success is our success.

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